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You do have that one chat group, right? 

Where conflicts brewing passive-aggressively every message, every passing day. 

Maybe it's your family group, maybe it's your group of friends, or long lasting your university alumni group. 

Maybe you don't use it as often, but you can't leave as it is because it's YOUR group.

But maybe, just maybe, if you actually try to engage, it could get better. 

Or it could be worse, sure.

Credits: Tim Lelucon Bapak-Bapak

- Karunia Ramadhan | Programming, Game Design, Writing, UX
- Jeffin Andria Prabowo | Illustrator, Writing

This game is an abstraction and over-simplification. Also part of Gr8ArtGames Game Jam - Jakarta. 


Chatter_win64_170521.zip 31 MB

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